Heart Birthday

My little girl declared Valentine’s Day to be her “Heart Birthday” when she was two. Since, then we have celebrated her in a big way. Little girls are special that way.

This year, she was super excited that the Daddy-Daughter dance at school was a sock hop. She loves Elvis Presley, and she said they played “Hound Dog.”

On Valentine’s morning, I woke her up with the “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars blaring on our sound bar. She got to open her gifts and dress up in her new holiday shirt, necklace, and bangles. My son plays along, too, which is adorable. He received a special new thermal cup that he had been asking for.

Heart birthday 3.jpg


For dinner, the kids wanted fondue, so we had both cheese and chocolate. The kids helped me make it, and my daughter set a beautiful table all by herself. They declared it the best holiday yet, and my son even made a toast to his beautiful sister on her “Heart Birthday.” It was precious.