Maclay Gardens

Maclay Gardens is presently in full bloom, and the sights are glorious, although a little earlier than normal due to the warm winter.


Located a short distance from the interstate in Tallahassee, the kids and I decided to take a Sunday stroll after church. We were not disappointed. The colors were enchanting. They love running through the little hidden pathways, trying to find the pond and reflecting pool. It was a perfect 75-degrees out, and I wished that we had brought a picnic lunch and book.

We did take time to walk through the Maclay house looking at treasures, and we also ran down to Lake Hall, where we saw a bald eagle and an alligator sunning on the bank.


We ended up staying most of the afternoon at the kids’ request, and I gladly complied. It was a perfect way to end the weekend, but we could not load up until the kids had spent a good while climbing giant oak trees. Magical!