Don’t Call Me Sugar!



Photo by Captured by Casey, Tallahassee, FL

I’ve been blogging for about ten years. I started when I was pregnant, to preserve the memories for my children, and I also published genealogical records, which has connected me with the most wonderful people in the world– my long, lost family.

However, four years ago, my life turned upside down. My mom was killed in a car accident, I went through a divorce, I turned 40, I broke off an engagement, and I gradually lost both my identity and my voice. Maybe it was an increasing need for privacy or the lack of free virtual space on my previous blog, but, either way, I stopped writing.

And I felt like a part of me was dead.

Then, my friend contacted me last week and asked me for help branding her new blog. My creative juices started flowing again, and I came up with a name that I liked and which would not leave my head.

For years, my friends have been telling me to write a novel. Perhaps, I have now gone through enough life changes to stimulate me to pen the next great Southern tale, a la Faulkner, Mitchell, and Lee. Or Nicholas Sparks, more like it. In reality, though, this blog will be therapy for me, as I record my midlife search of romance, love, faith and hope, with motherhood as my foundation.

It will be a little more guarded, a little more about me. But it will be my truth, and I am excited to have a blank page on which to start my journey.

Thank you for humoring me and following me down the red clay, live oak lined road that leads to my peaceful mind.

~Becky Jo

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