Duck Hunting


A few weeks ago, my son M was offered the opportunity to go duck hunting with one of my former students. I was so grateful that Tyler thought of him and offered to spend time with him. It really touched my heart.

I was also anxious about gun safety, but Tyler assured me he would take good care of him.

My son is very introverted– at least I think he is; his teachers say otherwise–so I was surprised that he felt comfortable going by himself with Tyler and his friends. However, as soon as we pulled up at the pick up, with the boat attached, he had stars in his eyes.

Tyler checked in with me throughout the day, and he sent me pictures of them. He laughed, because M fell asleep. Tyler tried to snap a picture of him all snuggled up, but M woke just as he was taking it.

M had a blast! He loved spending time with the college boys, sitting in the duck blinds, and riding in the boat. He also loved going to dinner with them afterwards. He felt so grown; and he looked so grown all decked out in that camo and the water boots. My mommy heart ached a little seeing glimpses of a teenager in his face. My baby is gone.

Still, I am so grateful that he is learning to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate what it means to live off of and respect the land that God gave us.